Travel Professionals

Our trips are arranged by an experienced and professional Israeli based tour operator, focusing only on Israel. 

Many tour operators offer tailor-suited tours to Israel but Puzzle Israel's playful lust for life and vast amount of experience result in unexpected and unique type of tours of Israel – and make them like no other tour operator around. While a regular tour in Israel will include meeting only two local Israelis -the tour-guide and driver - Puzzle Israel exposes their travelers to deeper layers of Israeli society. Amongst the variety of unique tours they offer, you will find custom-made family tours, including intergenerational families, and community based tours, where you can put together your own desirable tour of Israel and choose from endless variety of options. More adventure, more cuisine, or more culture.  In addition, they offer an assortment of interesting, unique and exciting specialty tours, such as yoga tours, culinary tours, cycling tours, women’s adventure tours, and more.  

Each tour is carefully crafted around a specific interest that highlights our passion for Israel's land, people, and cuisine, and each of which can be combined with the donor’s interests interwoven throughout. Even VIP and Luxury tours which are perfect for people who desire to get the most and best of Israel, with style, Puzzle Israel keeps it an authentic experience that only Puzzle Israel knows how to provide. On these tours you can travel around Israel in luxury, camping in 5 star tents in the middle of nowhere and waking up for a sunrise hot air balloon ride waiting outside the tent, or sleeping in a room located just at the edge of the Ramon Crater, having a private chef accompany you throughout the entire tour, enjoying helicopter tours and much more.

Puzzle Israel knows the country intimately and always seeks to find new things to ensure the best and most authentic experiences. They have arranged countless journeys throughout the country, covering the well known sites alongside the lesser traveled areas. They pride themselves on doing things differently and getting the client the most from every moment. Client service is the priority and will always be the priority.

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Our team is comprised of professionals experienced in the world of philanthropy combined with professionals experienced in all aspects of Israel travel to ensure the most successful EXPERIENTIAL philanthropic journey possible.

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As it relates to the travel experience, we choose our guides carefully.  Our guides are generally young, but experienced.  They have a zest for life and a love of Israel.  They are knowledgeable in not just history, but in the people, land and culture.  They want our travelers to experience Israel the Puzzle way.  They are interested in learning about what is important to you.  We have a young energetic staff who you will accompany you throughout your time in Israel to provide you with the local perspective that might be different from that of your guide.  And we have staff available 24/7 to handle any and all needs as and when and maybe even before they arise! When it comes to philanthropy, we have invested and will invest all the time required to ensure that the work of organizations you visit are in line with your giving mission and vision.

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We strive to ensure an authentic experience, not a typical “touristy” experience.  When it comes to visiting the organizations you wish to visit, we want it to be a real and meaningful visit, not just a brief visit where you hear from the CEO about the important work being done.  We want you to have the time to sit on the ground with the kids, pack the food, interact and engage.  When you travel, we went you to meet REAL locals of different cultures – cook with a local Arab woman, go to the market and meet the sellers, pick your own vegetables and milk the goats.  We want you to travel, engage, connect, and make the impact you wish to make.

“Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give.”
— Eleanor Roosevelt


So much about experiential philanthropy is based on developing relationships.  We have developed relationships with a number of organizations, and we look forward to working with you to develop those relationships that are important to you and in keeping with your giving mission and vision.  Though not exhaustive, this list can provide an idea of potential organizations you can connect with while in Israel: